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How do I remove an EU QPPV/RP role?


EU QPPV/RP roles should be removed on their last day of work at that organisation. There are 2 ways to remove the role: 

  1. Roles can be removed by TDs of the organisation, or the EU QPPV/RP themselves, by going to EMA Account Management portal> EV Role admin tab. 
  2. Roles can be removed by the user by going to EMA Account Management portal> manage my access> remove role. 

Once on the page, select the role to be removed (only one request at a time) and go to review, then submit. The role removal request will be sent to EMA for approval by logging a ticket via the Service Desk portal. You will need to add the request ID for the role removal in the change of QPPV/RP ticket. EMA will review the request, approve the removal and confirm to the ticket requester so that the new EU QPPV/RP can request the new role. 

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